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  • Hi! Just dropping by to check on you. My dad's progression is staying about the same right now. It will be two years in May since his diagnosis. But, he was having problems about a year at least before then. He also had a hernia repair and his gallbladder removed within two months of each other. Which didn't help with things. I am glad that winter is finally over. We had way too much ice and snow this year for my liking. Take care, Kim
    Just dropped in to check on you? How are things going? My dad is staying about the same for now. He seems to be tolerating Acthatar ok but he doesn't know if it's helping. He said if it doesn't help in at least it will help out with their research. Kind of down about the holidays since my husband and I are separated but am trying to hang in there as best I can. Take care, Kim
    I don't know if this will be of help or not for you. But, you might want to try drinking either Ensure or Boost. My dad does and it seems to help in maintaining his weight and he get vital nutrients. Take care, Kim
    I am so sorry to hear that you had to retire sooner then you wanted. But, I could think of alot worse places to then Hawaii. I was there once about 14 years ago with my husband. I loved it. I got my best tan ever there. lol We went whale watching that I really thought was neat. I couldn't believe how close they would come to the boat. Write if you'd like sometime and tell me more about yourself and your family. Take care, Kim
    Hello! I thought the kit was very easy to use and very informative, but it is not for disease if that is what you are looking at. they are simply tracking the human race "roots". My husband found out he doesn't have any Neanderthal in him or the other prehumen race (can remember the name, they have just recognized them) and he had quite a bit of Mediterranean in him--something you would never guess as blond as he is! We only did the Genome project because it was interesting and he loves science stuff.
    I went home 2 years ago before the chair. Don't know if I will get back until my husband brings my ashes home. I try not to get homesick, but somedays are worse than others. Next year is my 45 year alumni luau from Punahou, which I would dearly like to attend. I went to Punahou 12 years and since I am an only child, those folks are ohana to me. One day at a time aith ALS! Alohs No!
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