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  • To me it appears I am also having "pain" in my throat muscle. It feels like my eyes are watery and crying, and my throat muscles are sore. But I am still able to swallow fine. No idea what is going on. The neurologist appointment is schedule over a month from now.
    It goes without saying, I wish anyone affected by this disease so much love. I know I am anxiety, but it is difficult to believe it is causing all my symptoms. But I do promise one thing, anyone reading this, if I in-fact do not have ALS, I promise that with god's grace, I will do my very, very best in this life to find a cure for this illness. I promise you that.
    If anyone saw my last post (back neck aching/soreness), if your knowledgeable please help me understand why I don't have ALS. Thank-you
    I am so scared, i am crying and praying. I don't know why my fingers are trembling, or what I exactly going on. Why wasn't my muscles sore after yesterday's short work-out, yet other random muscles which are always sore, are sore. Or why I am having cramps in my body, and subtle twitches. I just turned 22, I have so much to give to the world. I cannot believe what is happening, I am just hoping.
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