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    Mind Based Stress Reduction

    I should start by apologizing for not being around the last several months. My eye muscles have progressed to the point that it is too difficult to read all your daily posts. I wanted to let you know about a new free recourse available to PALS, CALS, and ALS families. Two ALS Association...
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    Hi Netty, Sorry to hear about Freddy in the hospital. I am praying for you guys. The chest...

    Hi Netty, Sorry to hear about Freddy in the hospital. I am praying for you guys. The chest allergies have me a bit confused. I am surprised any pollen can get in there. In my circuit, air must pass through a dust filter, a bacterial/viral filter, and an HME before ever reaching my lungs. I...
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    Post things to cheer up people

    happy, I wanted to publicly apologize to you because I publicly accused you of posting a racial joke. I am sorry that I caused you to feel offended and upset. Please allow me to explain my position. To me, a joke that uses the stereotyped behavior of a particular group of people as the...
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    Post things to cheer up people

    I don't think racial jokes, or any joke that could potentially alienate or hurt people, are appropriate on this forum.
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    Ventilator Question again

    Hi Annette, The main reason we started changing the tube once a month was due to increased secretions and minor lung infections after about 30 days. I would think if his secretions don't change, and the cuff doesn't start leaking, 3 months should be fine. I do not think it is a problem to...
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    Ventilator Question again

    Hi Kim, I notice with my trach, after about 30 days we have to start adding air a couple times a day. I usually get the tube changed out monthly, so this is not normally an issue. We also deflate the cuff daily to allow the positive pressure from the vent to push the secretions that have...
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    I miss the little things...

    Hi Just J, Tell your husband I have discovered that I am not my body. I am my presence or spirit. I am paralyzed from the neck down, need help with the most basic bodily functions, and can't speak. In spite of this, I have not lost one ounce of my dignity. No one can take that away from you...
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    Insights for Which I Am Grateful

    Hi Annette, You are quite welcome. I am glad I am helpful in this difficult time in your and Freddie's life. Hang in there. It only gets better from here. I know you have what it takes. :wink: Mike
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    I am back!

    Hi Netty, If it is any consolation, I too was ready to give up during the first couple months on the vent. Jen said she was not ready to lose me yet, so I stuck it out. I am sooo glad I did.:-D Mike
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    Insights for Which I Am Grateful

    Thanks for your support everyone. I find it difficult to expose myself like this, but your encouraging words remind me of my purpose. We are all in this together. I am simply trying to remind you that if we take responsibility for our own thoughts, we will change our perception of reality...
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    Insights for Which I Am Grateful

    The following is my attempt at listing those things for which I am most grateful. As I began to type, my emotions were stirred and I ended up with something deeper than I intended to share. I hope it is not too sappy. Sorry for the length. I have been living with ALS for over ten years. In that...
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    The Bravery of My Mother

    Hi Patty, I also feel lucky! I have often considered posting a list of all the things I am grateful for, but I know so many others are really suffering, and I don't want to "flaunt" my happiness. Mike
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    back pain with wheelchair

    If you have a tilt feature you can tilt him back slightly. This will reduce his need to support his torso with his elbows on the armrests. Mike
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    Let it Be

    Thanks, April. :-D
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    Which BIPAP mask do you like?

    Hi Bette, You might try KY Jelly as a gasket. :-D Mike