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  • I would have your Dr. call and see if he can get you in with a referral. The waiting time would probably be less then if you called on your own. Have a great day!
    Hey Kim how are things going? Just thinking about you tonight and wishing good thoughts your way(((HUGS)))
    Morning Kim,
    My thoughts and prayers are with you and Don,how is he doing?Glad to hear the VA is moving in and helping.Have a good week.
    Hugs Ken
    Pudge I read your blog and tried to post a comment, but I guess it got erased when they asked for a category and I didn't know what that meant, and the one I chose obviously wasn't correct. I'm sorry for the bummer of day on your visit to the Clinic. That social worker should write a note for you about the apartment--that is part of their role. Hugs and good wishes.
    Hi Kim,
    I have an IPAD and downloaded "Speak It" for 2 dollars and on my laptop use E-triloquist,that was free and also have text aloud,that was like 120 bucks,they all do the job,I like the laptop because I have speakers on it,of course I want to be heard! Hugs Ken
    I was so glad to read you have a better living arrangement, Kim. I hope life is going more smoothly and your husband's Clinic went well. I know it's been very hard in many ways--his progression, and 'life'. Praying for you. Hugs!
    I got sent from the MND nurse to a podiatrist for something to help my foot drop. The appt just got sent in the mail and I had no idea what I was going for! He said the same, you don't brace a foot wj
    Hill there is still muscle working, or you cause atrophy from using the brace. It makes me tremble when I have read about folks here just rushing out and buying braces themselves. It's not a wise thing to do.
    I am fine about
    Olivia going back. She will stay around the university, which did not have too much damage. It's important that she stays happy, despite the obvious risk.:)
    Say a big hi to you dear Hubby .
    Kim, I hope the appointment today goes well. I'm so very sorry your husband now has foot drop. I stopped by your blog, but can't get around easily due to my own positioning (bent head and glasses = bad vision).
    Praying for you and your husband, Ann
    Thats no good about the foot drop. Hope the visit to the neurologist goes OK.
    Its 5.30 am and I am soon off to take my daughter to the airport, she is desperate to go back to Ch Ch and Uni will commense sometime next week. It will take NZ many years to recover and financially it is a huge setback. Its the second most expensive natural disaster in history? The most powerful quake (g force rather than Richter) to ever hit a city! It was very very shallow and apparently exerted 2G of sudden shift.
    Thinking of you heaps
    Pudge I went to the blog, I still don't understand, is this whole page yours? I did not see any private blogs.
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