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  • Sorry that I am just now seeing this...
    Your prayers are much appreciated. It's our only hope.

    As for resentment... There's none there toward her.
    Thanks, Preacherman. I'll have to look into the Rules, and see if we can make it a little more clear for people.

    I understood that your post was meant to be supportive, and I appreciate that.
    My brother will be 80 this year. He and his wife are only here during the Winter and he has health issues. They are Catholic although his wife asked me how I knew that I was saved so that gave me the opportunity to give her my testimony. Their daughters and grandchildren live in NY State and none of them have expressed an interest in taking me in when the time comes. Right now I'm trying to get my finances in order and that has been challenging. Once that is finished I can begin to make plans. I do feel secure in that the Lord already knows the plans He has for me and will see me through all of this.
    Hi Preacherman,
    I was saved on March 31, 1999. Unfortunately, I came under bad teaching and did not walk as a disciple-in-Christ should have walked for many years. It's a long story but I'm not looking back. His grace is sufficient and I believe I have changed. I found a Bible-based church with good teaching, good fellowship, and it is Christ centered. I don't have children or family so I'm going through this alone. I'm 60 and my only sibling is a 79-year old brother who lives in Upstate NY in the Summer and down here (Daytona Beach) during the Winter (with his wife.) When he is here, we get together a couple of times a week.

    Right now I can still drive, walk, eat, etc. I have strong prayer warriors at my church lifting me up in prayer each week. I'm in the Word daily. At night I listen to Joyce Meyer, Charles Stanley, Andy Stanley, or some other preacher I like.

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