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  • Hey ian,

    How are you? Saw that you have a definite diagnosis. Sorry to hear that. I also saw that your first symptom was biceps twitch and after that quads. Well, those are my first symptoms as well. Biceps twitch then 2 weeks later, the quad. And after another week, all over the body. Did you also have that same span of time. 7 weeks after my first twitch, I went to a neuro. My EMGs were clean and she diagnosed me with bfs. But reading your story, I guess I'm not as confident right now. I'm now on my fourth month. I still twitch everywhere, but majority of my twitch is on the left biceps. I cramp as well but not that painful, and very seldom. I also get a lot of sensory feelings on my left arm like pain on the biceps, tingling, pins and needles in the hand, hot and cold sensation on the left arm as well. Does this sound like your symptoms when you were at 4 months? Thanks for the time and god speed
    Thats good she is supposed to be the best . I had a clinical exam that showed I have lower motor neuron symptoms last week ...but that could mean a number of things. So very difficult keep you in my thoughts Margaret
    Hi im sorry about your situation , Keep in mind that they have a Mnd centre at sheffiled university
    good luck preying for you margaret
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