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  • Hello, Wayne!
    I haven't heard from you on the forum in a while and thought I'd check in on you. Hope you are doing reasonably well, all things considered.
    Hi Wayne,
    Thank you very much for your sweet birthday wishes. I hope you're still delighted in your move, and along with your Sue are doing well. I had a lovely day here with Phil. Nice crisp fall weather and pretty leaves to look out at. Take good care, and God bless you!
    Thank you for the happy birthday for my mom!!! She had a really great day.
    Love and hugs!
    We are doing great! Fall has not hit us yet! That is what we get for living in such a moderate climate. I really love having 4 seasons as well. But, I don't miss the cold temperatures we used to get in the winter. Where we live now it very seldom gets to freezing.

    God Bless! Joel
    Sorry it took so long to get back to you! I feel asleep at the computer. LOL. Yes, do post that.
    God Bless! Joel
    I've tune a few pianos in Point Royale over the years. Very nice place! At one time, I designed and sold sun rooms and had an appointment or two in Point Royale. One appointment was at the home of one of the Lennon sisters. Ahhh, that was probably 8 years ago or more.
    Hi, Wayne! I thought it was a Scotty. I spent over 3 years in Scotland during my twilight tour in the navy. I was just in Branson West earlier today doing piano work. I'm glad you are back on line.
    Hey there, Wayne! Thanks for the compliment on the photos. You have a nice looking family yourself! Is that a Scottish Terrier?
    Hi Wayne, Yes--My husband led me to Christ when we began dating. I do know Him as my Lord and Savior. I agree with you that He can heal miraculously, also. I asked Him for that before I was diagnosed (it took me a long time to get a diagnosis), and the story is somewhat lengthy, but He let me know that He had a different plan for me rather than healing. I talk with Him about it still, but He's given me joy in my circumstances. I believe His plan for now, at least, is this. Do you sense that He will give you healing? That would be wonderful if that desire is granted.

    I'm glad you have the condo and plans to look forward to. God bless you, Wayne!
    Wayne, I'm sure you must be tired having just returned from a trip. It's interesting that you're moving. Do you have family and close friends in Branson? This is very hard on our loved ones. I believe the Lord has total control and accept this as His will for me. My husband believes that also... my father is nearly there if not already there. But we've had three years since diagnosis, which in ALS terms is a good while. I'm glad your daughter is taking this well. Your mother really has my sympathy, Wayne. She's had a tough row to hoe in losing your sister. I'll keep her in prayer.
    Wayne, in seeing you still have your mother, I wonder how she's taking your illness? My own had a very hard time seeing me lose functioning. She was also an RN who'd lost a close friend to ALS, which probably was a huge factor. I enjoyed seeing your pictures!
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