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  • Hi Mair,
    Thinking of you. Are you sleeping any better? My dad had trouble sleeping after my mom passed away. He ended up taking a small dosage of Paxil for a few months. He is not big on taking medication but he said it really helped him out. My dad is back staying at his home for at least awhile. He is upset because he is losing his strength in his arms. But, most of the time he is staying in good spirits. He is so happy to see his grandkids again after being gone since September. Sending you a hug, Kim
    I so envy your ability to voice what is inside you. I have no blog. I can't get out the pain, the loneliness, the frustration and the fear. But you put it so well.

    I wish you peace today, my friend.
    Hey! I'm much improved but still taking a bit of a break from the Internet. Hoping to get rid of my boot after repeat X-rays on the 18. Have a bit of help through Jan from a local agency.

    Are you taking anything to help you sleep? My Mom took a course of Prozac for a while when my Dad passed away and found it very helpful. It's so hard to lose your best friend. I think the adjustment from all the business and worry of being a caregiver to peace and quiet was most difficult for me when Mom passed away last year. I hope you have some good friends about to help you with the transition.
    Keeping you in my prayers.
    Hi Mair! No, no help over here. His family is all talk. My girlfriend goes to the store with us as I have a hard time pushing the wheelchair and carrying 3 or 4 bags in which to gather the things we need. As it gets harder to get him in the car, our lists are longer at each outing.

    I'm so happy you have so many kids around you! That's got to be heartwarming and helpful. My daughter is almost 29 and my son is 25. Fred's girls have been brainwashed by the ex-wife and told him years ago that he "deserves this" and that it's God's way of punishing him for leaving his drunken, slothful ex-wife. But I'm not bitter! :)

    My thoughts and prayers are with you daily. I hope you're getting some restful sleep. Shelly
    Hi Pumpkin Pie! Sorry I haven't been on today or last night. I wish I hard been here for ya! I hope you're doing okay Sweet Mair! I miss ya!!
    Hi Mair- Thanks for visiting- I think many of us have a Trevi Fountain shot eh? I think I have 4- Ha! (with different people- over the years).
    Hi! I wish we lived closer....you could have called me as I'm almost always up at 3am! I can only imagine how frustrating it is for you. I think it's my way of not dealing with reality because at 3am, my world is right. He is sleeping normally and everything is at peace. It's during our waking hours that everything is so very wrong.

    Mr Niggs is progressing. Our communication is almost non-existent and he is much harder to physically move. I thank God that he has such a sweet disposition and he trusts me. Those two reasons ensure we are able to continue living like this. The reason I continue to WANT to live this way is because of your words of strength and wisdom. Because of you, when our time comes, I'll know that I truly did everything I could and made him as happy as possible.

    And how are YOU? I'm hoping that your family and friends are with you on a regular basis in your time of healing. Please know that you are in my heart, thoughts and prayers. xxox
    Hi Poppy,
    Did I read awhile back that you are expecting a new grandchild? How many children and grandchildren do you have? Do they live near you? My dad is coming home either late tonite or sometime tomorrow. They might spend the night in a hotel if he gets too tired out. Can't wait to see him but scared too. Sending you a hug, Kim
    Oh Mair.... I won't pretend that I know what you are going through or how you're feeling because it has taken every fiber of my being to not let my mind go there ever since our diagnosis. What I can say is that, from your first post I felt a connection with you. We seemed to have so much in common, and now, to have to watch you grieve is actually hurting me. I wish there was something I could do or say to lessen your pain. What I will do is heed your words and pay attention to each moment and thank God for each day, each "Niggle." And pray for peace in your heart and for your sweet husband at rest. XoShelly
    Oh Mair.... You know how sad I am for you. I wish I could carry you through the next little while until you find your way. Just know that my thoughts, heart and prayers are with you. Xo
    I am so sorry Poppy. You were so good to Clive. Wish I could do more to comfort you. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Sending you a virtual hug. If I was there I would hug you in person. Love to you, Kim
    im so sorry for your loss....i am so anxious with all this, i wish there was a person that can tell me when this will be over, i dont want my mom suffering ...i do apologize for the questions...was your husband diagnosed with bulbar als, im so scared my mom has no longer talks or eats, she is on the peg, but usually this last week i see her breathing really weird, she is on the bipap at night (when she doesnt pull it off), but she is still able to walk very slowly and i also notice she can no longer make a fist...she cant open doors....i was just wondering was your husband able to walk and move still...this is a nightmare, again i apologize for all the questions, but it scares me to not know how the end will be, i wish my mom would go in peace like your husband went,...you will be in my prayers...just know that he is FREE !!!
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