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  • I understand your anxiety. I have issues, clean limb emg on last neuro visit but my 'bulbar' stuff started after that and now i am worried about weird symptoms I have with my palate but cannot go back to Dr because I have no insurance, so am also in limbo land. So yea same thing... didnt get bulbar area EMG'd so am worried but have no answers. Hope we both get answers soon and that it isn't ominous.


    I'm glad that you are feeling a little better. Honestly, we here would all be stunned and saddened if it turned out that you had ALS. Sometimes, neurological conditions take a while to diagnose, mainly because so many of them have similar symptoms early on. By the time some things start to sort themselves out, we've had far too much time to poke around online and have begun to imagine the worst. Just keep your chin up and keep up the fight against all the bad emotions.

    Hi Poo - good luck with your EMG. I know where you are coming from and this beastly NHS does not help. I've had three EMG's - all okay. Paid for the last one. Neuro's are so condescending here. First one told me my knickers were too tight and causing neuropathy. I've got the tremors and shakes down one side of my body and face - they're not interested. Atrophy of left quad - like a hole in the muscle and lots of twitching. This started three years ago and although I've be reassured by neuro's that its not MND I still wonder. Hope you get some answers and all is well.
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