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  • I'll get your book ready ASAP once you send it. I promise it will look nice. Take care
    HI. Just as Docs please. Easiest for me to work with. YOu can lump all in same 'book' in one large doc file--but I can't use PDFs as easily
    Christopher, you need to do is send me what you want in a book--the document files. I'll do the rest. There's some information I'll need to get you paid, but we can handle that via PM. Just send files with which topics you want in which book. page length isn't an issue except in print versions. my email is [email protected] -- I can get them ready pretty quickly and get your page up on Amazon. Link me to your facebook page, too
    Getting books put on Amazon is very, very easy--both for print and e-books. Books are printed as ordered, and it costs the author nothing. Amazon and Barnes and Noble sell thousands of books daily
    Well, I can certainly get them together for a book! Copyright infringement just happens...unfortunately. Legality of fighting them is probably not worth the money.

    If you have, for instance, different themed poetry or something--you could put together several books?
    Do you have enough posts to PM? I can give you my email and help you get a print and e-book on Amazon very, very quickly. I have a publisher account with Amazon's print arm--so print books are very inexpensive for me to get--so can be sold less expensive with author still making $. I also have ISBN number if you don't.

    Do you write short stories too, or solely poetry?

    I'm working on putting together a book of some sort to benefit ALS Guardian Angels.
    If you ever want to put your poetry into an book for Amazon or Barnes and Noble, yell. It's one thing I'm good at
    You might want to try a transport chair in the house to start with. We never did use the power wheelchair in the house. Terry lost his hands and arms first, so there was really no reason to use it in the house. He could "walk" the transport chair without putting any strain on his muscles. You are absolutely right to get off of the walker if you are starting to lose your balance. Falls are not your friend!
    Hello there! Thank you for sharing your poems. My husband has ALS and I am his only caregiver. This disease sucks, we are all feeling the pain. I look for the positives!
    I love your poems. Thank you very much for sharing your literary gift and letting us see inside your heart.
    I admire the person you are & feel sorry 4 your bad experiences, but have strong spirit! I love your poems! Take care Chris, you're a beautiful person! Very inspiring!

    Love your poems! Have you got the breathing issues sorted out yet? Christopher, the PEG is not the end as your wife seems to think. Can you search for some old discussions on the forums on the topic and share them with her? I hope she'll turn her thinking around. I don't have one as yet but think I'll get one when the time comes.
    Best to you,
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