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  • Hi Pam, Hope you are well. My father in law was diagnosed with ALS earlier this year, and I stumbled on your IVIG post. I also saw your husband gained freedom from ALS last year - not sure what that means. Did the IVIG not help? I was thinking of trying it out. Any advice would be appreciated.
    Pam, You are in my prayers. Wish there was something I could do to ease your pain. Hope it is of some comfort that others care. Sending you a virtual hug, Kim
    Hi Pam,
    Thinking of you and hoping things are going okay. Just wanted you to know that you and your husband are in my prayers. Stay strong! Hugs to you, Kim
    Hi, Pam- Just want to say that even though you don't post much, when you do, I find them to be helpful & supportive. Keeping you & your husband in my thoughts & prayers. Hugs, Marianne
    Pam, I remember what you are talking about, but can't find the info anymore, even on the net. Sorry! Good luck at the clinic Thursday. It does seem it was IRAD, though.
    How was your trip? How is Web doing? I'll make this short, as Eric is calling for me... probably hungry, it's about dinner time here. :) Again, I'm glad you're back!! xoxoxo back at ya!
    Kay Marie, You are so welcome. I'm so excited for you and your family. I'll keep you all in my prayers that all goes well getting this little guy into the world and that you and Web are able to enjoy him as much as we have enjoyed our little guy. They definitely reinforce that there are still happiness lurking around us during this sometimes cruel trip that we are all on. Please keep me posted on your baby news. Take care.
    PAM, THANK YOU for your loving support on that thread, it means the world to me and lifts me up when I am soul weary. My daughter sent me a round trip ticket to fly out and see her and bond with the baby bump for my Birthday. My bday was in Feb but I went in March and had 11 incredible days! She is incredible-you would never know that she is pregnant. No complaints at all and just a joy. The baby is going to be a really big boy-they are guessing between 8 and 10 pounds. YIKES She is a little bit of a woman, barely 5'. If Web is stable, I plan on flying out to be with her when she delivers. hugs to you sweet soul!
    Hi Kay Marie! How is the pregnancy going? I hope she is able to enjoy it. Some pregnancies can be wonderful and I hope she is having one like that. I can't remember, is this your first grandchild? Eric James was our first and he has been such a blessing. "Big" Eric loves seeing him every day and enjoys every moment he can with him. It's funny that our ancestry is similar. Will the baby be Scots-Irish-Cherokee Indian also? Take care. Pam
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