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  • As you probably know, an ALS diagnosis is largely a process of ruling everything else out. So while NCV is normal in ALS, an abnormal result can point to other afflictions. The needle portion of the EMG is more telling, in terms of diagnosing or pointing towards ALS.
    You have posted this on Barry's page, it is still there:

    Hi Barry! First , please let me say thank you for being on this site to help people who have ALS and those of us like me who are afraid that we may have. Before I say too much, I would like to know if you are still posting. Thanks, Casey.
    It really sounds nothing at all like ALS, but you know that already. Your neurologist would have told you. Your EMG would not be normal. I really feel confident in saying that it's not ALS! With clear brain and spinal MRIs , MS is off the table as well. Some of your symptoms can be caused by spinal issues, but with a normal spine , then that too is unlikely.

    I take it, that you have an abnormal clinical examination?
    I saw your message on BarryG's page. Barry has passed away, I found that message insensitive. You can find the tributes to Barry in In Memoriam section.
    You sound very much like a case of BFS. I think you should check out the BFS chat site. You'll get all the reassurance you need as it is packed with people who have your very same symptoms. You can ask all the questions you want. Here is the link if you're interested. http://us4.chatzy.com/Twitches-R-Us
    Hi Casey, I'm so sorry that you're having difficulties that have you thinking that you may have ALS. Please read the "stickies" at the beginning of the "Do I have ALS section. Some of the answers to your questions may be found there. You may start a thread in the "Do I have ALS" section of the forum giving a brief description of your symptoms, what Docs you've seen and what tests you've had performed. Good luck to you,
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