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  • Hi Robert, next time you check in can you stop by my page? I am having a strange issue with my nose changing shape and I remember that happened with you. Did it continue? Have you found out anything? Hope you are well-
    Hello Robert, recently have wondered what became of you. No dx yet I am assuming. Not here either. Still waiting for that one symptom to appear so the unknown declares itself. Hope all is well with you otherwise.
    hi robert.
    just wanted to let you know i have been thinking of you.
    i really hope your appointment went well and you are ok.
    please let us know how you are when you can. caroline

    Just wanted to let you know you are in my thoughts, hopefully you are getting answers at the Mayo clinic. Please let us know how it went .......
    and of course something treatable.
    Robert, I want to wish you luck next week with your appointment. I don't remember which day (I think its next week!) Having computer problems here where I really can't go search to see when you said it was. Best of luck (is it Tuesday??) I'm anxious to know what you find out.
    Thanks for the greeting. My wife and kids are the reason I do everything now...

    Wyoming is a beautiful state once you break away from the I-80 Corridor, especially the North and West (Yellowstone afterall ;) ).
    Hey friend - you have some great looking kids. I bet they are an inspiration to you! Have a good one!

    p.s. I would love to visit Wyoming some day. Never been there.
    Hi Robert

    Quick question before I pick up the kids. Do you feel that provigil(sp) has or is helping? In just the last 2 weeks, I have got alot worse and I am having a hard time keeping up with all that I have to do. I feel weak all over and tired all day. My muscles are now hurting real bad. I wonder if my nuero will px it for me. Who px your's?
    Thanks April
    Hello Robert! Beautiful children...Blondies! None of my girls got my blond hair and blue eyes. They took after their dad. I have you in my prayers that your biopsy will give you answers.

    Take care
    HI robert
    with my biopsy they did they other side. My weak side is left and they went to right quad. I asked the docters and they said they do that so if there was a problem (infection or something) it would not make a weak leg worse. She said it would show(disease) anywhere from where it was taken. this is just what they told me. I went with the full Knock-out on mine, but had to be brought awake because I stopped breathing. So even the twillight was fine. Be ready for some pain the first 48 hrs, I was not expecting it! I was walking and lifting 2 days after a c-section!!! I thought I would be golfing the next Good luck!
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