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  • Hi Pinky. I just saw your post on respiratory onset and would love to chat. I'm on the forum because my dad has bulbar onset and his story sounds scarily similar to the one you wrote. I'm having trouble finding anyone else in the same boat and would love to talk. Regards, Christine.
    Oh - by the way - it is my husband too who is fighting the beast... I'm his sole caretaker - there's no one else to help us so I'm very overwhelmed.
    Hello, Pinky... I like your name!
    I haven't been here long myself - but am facing early onset respiratory problems, too.
    I posted this question ....

    ..... breathing trouble SO SOON? help .....

    and received many many wonderful answers. If you look at my home page (NeedCourage) you will see the 'statistics' tab above. Look at 'threads' started by NC and you'll find that link. I hope it helps you. Please let me know if you have trouble finding it. I'll help in any way that I can Pinky... we all have to stick together to get through this.
    I also noticed my neck muscles are very weak and the projection of my voice is weaker than it used to be was your husband athletic?
    Hi pinky sorry to.hear about your husband I am in the process of being diagnosed woth something which I think can be respitory onset I noticed my breathing is labored five months ago along woth muscle twitching and cramps also I am noticing weakness in left hand I am saying prayers fod your hisband you can text me at 267 255 8383 if you ever want to vent or chat
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