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  • Hi ! I was reading your profile. I live in Illinois and relatively close to Springfield. My dad will be 79 next month and has ALS. I saw where you retired from AT&T. I have a brother and sister who both live in Dallas and work for them. My brother is a junior partner and is both a accountant and lawyer. My sister is in human resources there. Feel free to write me and tell me more about yourself. Kim
    So happy you are finally here Kathy. Your daughter is an amazing person. I think the apple did not fall far from the tree!
    Hi pinkmoon11,

    Welcome, sorry to hear your diagnosis, but this is your new 'club'.

    Read nighthawks post carefully. Neudexta is probably what you need for the crying, or what ottawagirl is taking. But there is help for that.

    Good luck, hang tough,
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