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  • Hi Mike, this is Gary talking to you. My user-id is Eastwood56. Talked to the massage therapist today and he is going to start giving Tia massages twice a week. Starting tomorrow!

    Hope your flight home was good and that your walking stick arrived OK.

    Will talk to you soon.

    My sister has been diagnosed with advanced ALS and, I'm thankful, reading through the various blogs for the response of everyone. You've helped me understand what is going on.
    Here’s an interesting hypothetical question; Let’s say a 50 year old woman suddenly goes berserk over, eh Health Care in America; that’s a subject able to drive anyone over the brink, but let's continue. She buys a rifle and, oh oh, kills the president. Captured, she’s tried, convicted and sentenced to die in the electric chair. As a Federal prisoner she’s afforded health care and it’s discovered she has ALS. After her appeals run out, and this takes what, 3 maybe four years, she’s now confined to her cell, immobile, in a wheelchair, with no facilities left but her mind & feelings, eyesight and eye movement. She loses her last appeal and is scheduled to die in the electric chair. As her judge, would have her lifted out of her wheelchair and placed into the electric chair, or would you grant a reprieve? Can you imagine how the woman would feel? This could very well be how my sister feels.
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