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  • hi there,

    well, i don't know if you are still on this forum. I personally have learned to "stay away" from the internet, and forums as good as can. But sometimes I need to get back here. Your story got me in many ways: Because i sharre the same experience as you did - just some months earlier. I am young, sport used to be my life, student...
    Well, it didnt go any better since then. I am still not officially diagnosed (I skipped my appt in August - I thought I rather enjoy the summer), but sympthoms remain and get worse. Less strength, more twitching and so on.
    So if you are interested in exchanging yours / mine experiences you / I made so far, I would gladly get in further contact with you! Who knows? What helps me, might help you (or the other way round)?
    I wish you all the best,
    Hello pigypuffy, (jash)

    If you continue to suffer with these symptoms, I would tell the Dr. what happened, and that you suspect something was added. Even if they don't/can't see it, he will be able to better understand your problems. Just my opinion.

    The important thing in all this is; listen to all the responses you got on the board. Nobody thinks you have als, nobody. ALS is a monster, and you would rather have anything wrong besides that, I promise!

    Please take the advice of so many, and try to put this behind you, get on with your life, think of anything.....anything at all, but not this. No one should think you're insane. They should listen closely to you. I agree with the others that your anxiety could be enhancing your problems. That is very real.

    Try to relax and watch your body get better. I think it will. Please let us/me know how it goes. I'm sorry if I scared you.

    Oh yeah, you can reply on my profile page if you want to, makes it easier to follow.

    Hang tough,
    Hi there,

    Thank you so much for replying. I really think something was in there as I remained high for 2 days. It was the worst experience of my life and I even fear a glass of wine now. I am so afraid it caused some sort of permanent damage or progressive damage. Is it too late to ask my doctor to check for it? I have been asking them the whole month, they think I'm insane. Is it too late to trace?

    Thank you for the kindness and welcome, its strange how people here have made me feel so much calmer than all my doctors and peers. Hope you have a good day!

    Hello pigypuffy,

    Just wanted to say welcome, for one thing, and chill out, for another. I know you are scared and upset. That's o.k., but don't get overly freaked about these symptoms just yet. Chances of it being als are incredibly slim. Not saying there isn't 'something' wrong.....obviously, there is.

    It sounds like there was indeed something bad in that cookie. My guess would be PCP or strychnine, or something similar. There are some wicked people in the world, don't ask me why.

    If I were you, I would ask the next Dr. to do blood work and look for any foreign substances of that nature. Just plain ol' pot isn't going to cause any symptoms like you are describing, none at all. Tell the Dr. what you believe might have happened so he will have some idea of what he's looking for.

    Just my thoughts.

    Hang tough,
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