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  • Hey there Piccolo,

    I don't post much on the main pages because I don't really feel qualified to give much advice. All I can do is offer what little I have learned during our own experience.

    My wife has been using Magnesium Oxide for her cramps, usually in her feet or calves. It is cheap, over the counter, and works fairly well...for her. Not sure if it will for you, but maybe worth a try.

    Our Dr. says she can take as many as 4 in 24 hrs. She is currently getting by with 2 most days, sometimes 3. The only noticeable side effect she had was when she started getting a touch of diarrhea when she was taking the maximum (4 in 24hrs.), so you have to watch that.

    She backed off when that started happening, and after some Immodium ad, it stabilized again. Now, she just takes two, one in the morning, and the other at bed time.

    Hope that helps.

    Hang tough
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