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  • Hi Phil....sorry about the post on the critter link spammer here just knew to forums and put my message in the wrong place lol Glad you didn't report me to the spammer police.
    Hi Phil. Yes I was a keen ocean kayaker for many years. Haven't been out in over a year now. Last time I went I was surprised to find my balance, which has been extremely poor while standing for several years, is also affected in a kayak. Don't want to think what would happen now if I rolled, especially in our cold water. (read near freezing). Now floating down a warm Georgia river I could handle :)
    Thanks, Phil, I appreciate you welcome! It's "good" to have family that understands what's going on and can truly relate. Carol

    I've been taking some extended ALS breaks myself. Its the new "Staycation" or maybe not, how about "Happycationing".
    phil i was talking about my thread and how you and barry and al make it seem like a joke ,.i apologized to all you on that forum so no big deal everythings ok have a good day phil god bless
    wow phil you really shunned me down almost like throwng an insult at somebody that found some benifits with amino acids buit oh well cant change someones point of view when they think they know everything
    Phil, I saw your post about family memebers and just wanted you to hear that I do understand. It is much easier to say than to do. I tell Web [his absent selfish adult sons] that their absence from his life is their loss. It is true but it doesn't fill that empty spot in his heart. :[ I encourage him to write each one of them a letter that tells them in written words the love that he has always had for each of them. He has not done it yet but I am hopeful :] I can not even imagine the searing pain that they will live with all of their days because they did not choose to be a part of his life in authentic ways. Hugs to you. Kay Marie
    well phil; i hope all is well with ya im doing good taking it one day at a time talk to ya later
    hey phil back from camping yet well i hope you had a good time and all is well you take care phil jeffp
    Hi Phil I am great thank you for asking...I got ya on facebook now buddy drop by anytime and say hi. Hows your day? Love,Kelly
    thanks for replying phil your right who knows im going to have my liver enzemes checked to see if there elevated then i will be able to make a better assumption on what to do take care phil hope your doing ok
    hey phil i think i got what you said about a miracle pill with all the hardness it puts on the liver i just cant see taking it for a few more months to live ,what do you really think
    whats the word for today phil.any funny ones .well i hope your doing fine and im taking it one day at a time i feel pretty good hope to hear from ya jeff
    no problem phil i hope you enjoyed camping and had a good time .im doing just well hanging in there staying focused and living life one day at a time well phil hope all is well we will talk later
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