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  • I'm trying... Mini had a flat. Long day. However I do have added protection plan which covers it, so at least it will be reimbursed. Still a pain.
    Thanks Phil, this will be the first year in many that I will not be hunting. I half thought about taking my hunting buddy up on his offer of taking me out but I really don't have the energy and am having so many throat issues that I doubt if I could go out for any time at all. I am not sure if any deer would confuse the sound of my suction machine and my gagging as a mating call. How about you? Are you going to get out after a big buck?
    Outdoorsy is good. However, I don't always start them. In fact usually don't. I think an outdoors adventure could be a lot of fun.

    Got to get in bed... later xo
    PhilM, you realize, don't you that MY husband is named Phil! And there's also a member whose user name is "Phil's wife". LOL, I used to be on a forum where my user name was "Phil's Ann". In the present folly I tried to show that the "Phil" was you because he likes cats. I knew you have a cat.

    I'm even sorrier that your neck is so painful. That stinks, that ALS would make it worse.
    Seeing Diane's posts below, Oh, yes, Phil M, it is indeed YOU, so please do join in! That would be great.

    I saw your neck pain/medication post and just wanted to tell you that your situation is such a tough one I often think of regarding how to deal with pain. I'm not and never was able to use just a little medication. Always took more than expected... I'm sorry though about your neck.
    Well, you've pretty much been written into the Follies (unless its another Phil), if per chance you wanted to seize the moment, we sure could use the help :p)
    Hi Phil, how you doing? I am doing ok, the porch lift and stair lift are being installed today and the power wheelchair is to be here this afternoon so stuff is happening. I hope that you have a good day and many more.
    are you still buzzing??? Hope everything has calmed down. Ain't life hard!!!!!!!!!! Think I have reached the end of all transfers without aid. And breathing is Sssssssssuch hard work. Refuse to use bipap as hoping to die quietly and easily in my sleep of oxygen starvation. Seems the best idea around at the moment. Not just tonight, tho, not maybe not yet next week or the month after.......
    Hi Phil, no tongue numbness but my tongue is usually dried out and coated with gunk so I cant feel much with it. I just poked it all over with a pencil to test and yes I can feel the pencil, I just can't move my tongue. How about you?
    Forgot one important item: AB treatment can and should last between 8 months to 4 years depending on severity of infection and the need to take it slow. Four months will most likely not do the job if you have had long standing or chronic Lyme/co-infections. The risks of long term AB use are ameliorated by the aforementioned protocols, and are far more beneficial than untreated, long-standing Lyme Disease. Usually the Lyme patient will begin to feel better almost immediately unless too-large dosages result in 'die-off' reaction (Herks).
    Phil, if you are back on the antibiotics, please keep in mind that antibiotics alone are not a 'complete' protocol for treatment of Lyme. Because the bacteria can potentially become resistant to ABs, it's important to very gradually and oh so slowly increase dosages. A slow and sure approach to killing these buggers is best or they will 'fight back' with resistance and/or 'die off' reaction (Herkschimer?sp?). Also, appropriate vitamin, probiotic, and detox protocols must be in place or you could feel more symptomatic before you start feeling better! If you need more info, hit me up on the ol' email. :)
    Phil, are you still twitching like crazy? I hope it's not as bad and has eased up. It's never been horrible for me, but we're all so different.
    Hi Phil ,I don't know the answer about why they change? Let me know when u find out? I have a small spray bottle that I fill with cold water . I keep it with me always. When ever I get so dry ,I can spray and I have no choaking problems and dry mouth gone......maybe try that and tell me what you think? Linda
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