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  • I LOVE foot rubs! How did you know??? I am better, need to go catch up on forum news (((hugs))) from the wench with the oh so handy foot warmers :)
    Gosh No! You could never run me off, unless there is some calloused side to you that is yet to be revealed (I just watched 5 Easy Pieces last night, filmed way back when Jack Nicholson was young. Man, was his character a JERK in that movie!) Anyhooo, nope,I was just sick with a cold and cough and can't breathe (sob) . As wonderful as this forum is, sometimes its still better for me to be away, thinking about what I can do, instead of the reverse. later alligator :)
    Hey, Mr (handsome) Great Outdoorsman, how are you? I've not been around much, but when I am here, I'm not finding you! (sob)
    Phil, are you and your wheelchair still getting out and about? I hope so! It's been wonderfully chilly and crisp here. The deer are all over the place....unless I have my camera out.

    What a guy! So good to have a laugh first thing in the morning. Thank you :)

    Major computer problems here. I think its going to have to be sent back to Dell.... hugs back at you :)
    Ha, those bucks know they're in danger, don't they? But, Phil, 10ft away for the doe is really good! I had a wild turkey stand less than a foot away from me, right out the end of the front sidewalk. A carver had come with his camera to find her, and when he pulled into the driveway, there "we" were. He got lots of closeup shots. The turkeys will walk along the chicken run, right over the fencing alongside the chickens. Silly looking until they fly, and then they're gorgeous.
    Phil, I thought of you when I was out on the deck watching a deer walk through the yard. I have to chuckle at the thought of feeding them from hand. I've never heard of anyone doing that before.
    Phil, going up the Atlantic coast, just north of North Carolina, hardly into Virginia, you get to the Chesapeake Bay, with a peninsula to the east, and Delaware makes up a big part of it. I live just south of Delaware on Maryland's eastern shore, and Virginia's eastern shore is an hour south of us. We're rural, between the bay and the ocean. We live in the woods, and I used to walk trails with the dogs every day. Lots of wildlife. Great Blue Heron on the pond, several foxes, bald eagles and lots of hawks. This time of year the snakes would sun on the trails, but mostly they're harmless. A few copperhead, but we never met.
    Phil, are you going hunting deer? We have a large herd eating in the field behind us. I've seen them go past this house to cross the road in the snow. A beautiful sight. Forty have been counted at one time in the field. Have a good hunt.
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