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  • Phil, saw you're going the hospice route. I expect to do the same one day...when insurance says "go". I hope you're being cared for well, and not being driven nuts. ;-) Hugs, Ann
    I'm glad your doc got back to you, Phil. Wish I could tell you something helpful, and I know the pain is very real. It's tough. Here's a (((hug))). Ann
    Pretty good thanks, still gagging and choking but what else is new? I have 12 different women coming in to wash me, dress me and feed me so I'm a happy camper! How about you buddy, how you doing? Got your dad in line yet?
    I hope things are getting better with your living with your parents, have missed seeing your posts.
    Sending you a hug! Caught your post about living arrangements. I really feel for you. I think we just need a commune :) I can't write more now, later handsome xo
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