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  • Hi Kim,

    I kept thinking I had replied to you but I can't find it. The twice-a-week dosage of acthar is 1.0 ml. This is the largest dose in the trial (2 ml/wk where the other, daily dosage is .2 ml or 1.4 ml/wk). I can't say whether this is helping me or not. I have noticed a cycle of (relatively) stronger or weaker days over the course of 3-4 days.

    I hope your father is making out okay (especially through the ice storm).
    Welcome to the forum but so sorry for your need to be here. My dad is originally from Illinois but is currently living in Frisco, Tx because we couldn't find adequate care for him here. Dad is 79. My older brother and sister both live in Dallas. They are both employed through AT&T. Let me know any updates on the trial your in. Dad gets injections two twice a week but I'm not sure of the dosage. Take care, Kim
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