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    Hi Chris how are u. Where do u live my friend I gave als also it sucks I have lost my voice...

    Hi Chris how are u. Where do u live my friend I gave als also it sucks I have lost my voice completely but I get by with my speech applications and swipe. If u need to talk I'm here take care my friend
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    Biting mouth

    Mark how are you my name is Pete jr and I live in Lehi I was handed the news in August of last year how are u hanging .
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    Good evening my fellow friends with ALS. I just wanted to thank all of you for your input on how to face the several challenges of this horrible disease . I have learned alot from this forum I just wanted to let all of you know I started taking L-serine in the pure powder form the first of...
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    New diagnosed 7/18/2013

    Cricket, thank you so much...It scares the hell out of me went I can't breath, so I am going to try this idea. How long have you been dealing with this and how are you doing? Pete
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    New diagnosed 7/18/2013

    Wow how does it work without gaging him.. do you have a web sight I can look at it...Thanks Pete
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    New diagnosed 7/18/2013

    Max, I totally agree with you this is our season. How long have since you were diagnosed and how is your swallowing? My voice is pretty much gone , I can still blurt out a word if I really concentrate on it, But my brain goes faster than my mouth, so I am having to learn this. Hope all is well...
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    New diagnosed 7/18/2013

    Thank You Richard, I will try the V-8 another thing that helps me a little is those Naked Brand Mango drinks, there thick and make things go down easier and it breaks up the flem a little. I hope everything is going well for you. Pete
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    New diagnosed 7/18/2013

    Nikki, thank you so much for replying to me, that really helps by tucking my chin down, I grab a drink of water when my throat starts to tickle and it seems to help a little. I had a thread from another member and it told me to watch the You Tube called the ABCs of als and it had a lot of...
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    New diagnosed 7/18/2013

    Hi everyone....Im glad this forum is here to help me and anyone else with this horrible diease. My wife and I first noticed my systems by my slurred speech, it wasn't bad, and that was in March. At first everyone thought I was drinking too much or drunk. Then my right arm started twiching...