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  • Persephone,

    You don't have enough posts to make and receive private messages yet, and I have my forum settings to where only contacts and friends can get to my visitor page (I'm adding this message to yours) I'm sending you a friend request, so if you want to 'talk' you can do so via visitor message. Keep your chin up!

    If you do not have a Neuro, I highly recommend Dr. Katzin at the University of South Florida. She's in Tampa.

    She does her own EMG tests and is very thorough. She looks really young, but she knows her stuff. The ALS association here in Orlando got me an appt there very, very quickly.

    Also contact the ALSA here in Florida. They will come and meet with you and answer any and all questions.

    You may NOT have ALS, but if you do, you live in a state where there are excellent doctors and a great ALS clinic. Dr. k is a neuromuscular specialist, not just ALS. She won't stop til she finds you an answer.

    If you decide to go there, don't do an EMG elsewhere, as she will want to do her own.
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