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  • Hi, Erica ... I tried to post a reply to your message and it disappeared into cyberspace. Hope this one sticks! I can't find the thread either, but here's a little about my procedure.

    It's quick (about 15 minutes) and pretty easy. The PEG is a good thing to get !! This will help your husband maintain his weight and get enough nutrition ... plus he will still be able to eat "normally" by mouth when he chooses to. The purpose is to help him avoid swallowing problems and aspiration of stuff into his lungs. What I do is eat stuff I like by mouth (ice cream, chocolate) and stuff I don't like, like meds and broccoli, by tube. (Actually, that's an exageration ... I couldn't get broccoli down the tube without putting it in the blender first, but that's the principle.) Good luck to your husband tomorrow. Hope all goes smoothly.
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