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  • Don't take any before you are tested again. When they begin examining you, they need a clear picture.
    Thank You Pernille , i asked The GP about B 12 because i Was low When i first started at Glostrup dystoniaclinic. I took B 12 and The levels Was tested ok , but i Would like know The level now. But he Said wait for RH . I wonder if i should just take some B 12 or if it is useless or dangereous.
    I know you have to go via the system at some point, but they might come up with another diagnosis and put your mind at ease. I know it's tough and I respect the GPs, but they don't see many ALS cases - if any - and they might send you in the wrong direction. Please don't panic. Stick to a healthy diet, eat a lot, get some rest and focus on NOT having ALS. I guess you have read the article last friday in kristligt dagblad about experimental treatment in DK. I'm trying to put pressure on our rotten system, but it's a long hard road to travel. We are pretty good at diagnosing and you will meet skilled neurologists, so don't worry about that part. Only the doctors can help you and you can't get a diagnosis online. Not even from a neuro. All the best and keep me posted. ♡
    Thank You for The response . I am on a cancellation list at RH and hope there Will be an opening soon. Waiting is terrible , but my GP Think it is a bad idea to have a EMG via Hamlet , because , as he says , i have symptomes and even if The EMG should be clean , i Would have to be followed. I Read that You words for clinical trials's in DK , that is great . I Think that it is a Big problem that You get The diagnose so late , When You have Lost so Many neurons already. And it is a jungle to find out which supplements etc . You could try before diagnose.
    Hi Pernille
    Now i am referred to Rigshospitalet , The neurologist at BBH told my GP to refer me. I have Called RH and they say there is 4-6 waiting . I am so scared and depressed and dont know what to do . I has been sick from work now since februar .
    No, no need for that. And I was not implying your posts were out of line.
    We get many trolls and weirdos, so we have to be careful.
    A quick note in the intro section would be great, tho.
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