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  • Hello. My name is Ashley. I've been reading some of your posts and I must say that your posts have really helped me. My grandmother was diagnosed last year with ALS and it has been really hard to accept the diagnosis. Thank you for helping me through your posts. Much Love <3
    Apart from his dementia mode which happens every now and again, my hd is very sweet, peaceful and happy though he was sad the last two days. He does not talk about it. He goes from sleeping for a couple of days to not sleeping at all, day or night, from being very sick to being well and it is a cycle that repeats itself. I hope my hd will stay this way, peaceful and sweet.
    Hi Pepper.. How's your husband doing these days? Behaving himself? ha ha. For some reason my pals is fighting everything these days. I think we should schedule another Dr appointment to talk about how combative she's being.
    You know we go through so much as caregivers, as we are losing parts aof our loved ones, we then have all the other stuff on us, bills,ss, family,some friends and family that disappear. It's a wonder any of us are sane...
    Pepper don't do it! I mean let them come...it is problems. Sorry I have not said hey before...so hey...lol
    Hi pepper, my name is Madonna and my brother has mnd. The last couple of weeks he has also been sleeping most days - I just read your post where you discussed your husbands sleeping. I would be very interested to see what you discovered regarding this and if his sleep pattern has improved. Thinking of you both - and hoping you don't mind me contacting you.
    Hi Barbara, we live in Tucson. I love to visit with you also. I finally contacted Renee Rizzo who will be coming to visit this Thursday. I have no contact with Als groups at all. I am Chinese and come here when I was 30 hence I guess it is hard for me sometimes to reach out to people.

    I am so sorry your son in law has Als with such young children. It is painful enough without having such young children.

    I am 55 and my husband is 80. He has 3 children from prior marriage, I do not have any.

    Pepper, Do you really live in Pima Arizona? My son in law has ALS. He lives in Mesa AZ, but I live in Pima. I go to Mesa every other week to help my daughter. She is her husbands only caregiver and she has 5 children (oldest is 10). She gets some help from his family but most of the care is on her shoulders. I am not trying to pry, just would love to visit and have someone to relate to. Thanks Barbara
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