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  • Hi,
    I'm new to this forum. It's hard to discuss als with others. My sister has been diagnosed with it since 09. My heart aches in a way I've never felt before. The pain is tremendous, so devastating beyond words. she is my little sister of 53 years old. I'm 55. I love her so much. I sleep, eat, peggy sue, my little sister. She is on her way to New York for a cure from a famous psyhic. She has seen him 4 times and has only gotten worse. I found a guy named Don Margolis, a politician from the usa, that claims america politics and the medical field are not acknowledging stem cell due to their interest in drugs that are very profitable. He suggests places for stem cell treatment that are supposed to be legit. I can't find bad things about him so far. They did tell me that with als, they can only add 9-12 months to the life expectancy with stem cell. This is very discouraging. Maybe this could buy some time for a cure maybe. I don't know. I pray fervantly for my sister peggy sue.
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