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  • Hi, I have 6 EMG. SOme of them are with noise, another not. What I find is that the good Neuro can see if the muscle is really relaxed or this is a Fibr.
    So the last one was professor, says to me that i`m not relaxed....
    Find good neuro!!!
    Oh im sorry my Auto correct isnt in english and obviously put some mistakes in my message
    Hi peet

    Greetings from Germany
    I experienced the same emg Situation at Two different neurologists. I described the Situation in my Thread Shout the soft palate right below your thread.

    In fact both neurologists Tells me this isnt spontaneuos activity without a reason and its the same Thing that bothers me all the time cause i Read thus shouldnt occur in healthy people. The first neurologist Tells my i Wandt relaxed enough Bad the Second One says its Kind of benign activity i dont know wagt to believe all the best for you i Blow exactly how you feeling
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