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  • I had the sensation of bugs crawling on me a Month after the concussion- the twitches started slowly and now are everywhere. All kinds- buzzing- thumpers and my calves are nonstop.
    When I flex I am not sure if they stop or u can’t see them?

    Drs have told me that anxiety can do crazy things but this is just too out of hand.
    I have what I perceive at loss of muscle tone but it’s my entire body head to toe-
    I also have hyper reflexes in both knees.

    I am hoping we both have some kinda brain issue that is not progressive.
    Keep me updated
    Hi, I just read your post-
    I also hit my head before my symptoms, fell on my bike.
    Your post stood out to me because I also feel like my skin is loose stretchy, muscle feels loose. I also twitch constantly. 3 top docs all have said no als but bfs.
    But I just don’t feel the same. At this point I asked a dr if my head injury could of caused some motor damage that’s not progressive? He said maybe. That’s what I am hoping. I have felt the same for a year-
    I also have non stop phlegm and nasal drip. I never had any of this before. Before all of this I was racing bikes at a very high level again guys half my age.
    I have another emg next week- I’ll let you know.
    Do you have any gastro issues???
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