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  • Also I forgot to mention your exercise routine I was extremely fit until may injured my calf was on the shelf for 3 weeks went back and immediately noticed my breathing issue thanks again I really appreciate it
    Hi pearlshoot my name is John and I am sorry to take up your time I am having serious breathing problems because of my muscles being weak in around the lungs also have twitching everywhere cramp up.all the time and going to be diagnosed with something shortlyI am impressed with gou survival and sucess and if you can tell me wjat I shoulld take vitamin wise and medical wise I was always kind of a vitamin junkie from the start just started to take lexapro for anxiety after being a non medicine guy for years thanks and I hope you continue your success
    Not sure you received my reply but I/we can't thank you enough. Richard has been incredible. Thanks for offering help to get us thru the Maze!

    Sherry collins
    cost (money) is not problem to me. I scared about side effect such as headache, feel that you have a flu, neck pain, depression and moodiness, dizziness ( I have a problem with losing balance). Did you have any side effects?
    PS: Rasagiline and Azilect in Poland is the same drug.
    did year long trial of rasagiline, think it slowed progression. now take azilect off-label....l think it helps slow progression....friend has Parkinson's and he believes it slow his progression....if it helps spasticity may be worth it...guess you compare cost to benifit
    first of all, I'm sorry for my english but I'm from Poland.
    I have a question about Azilect/ Rasagiline, becouse in June 2013 i was in Germany to confirm a diagnose (Polish doctor's was uncertain that I have ALS). They agreed that it is ALS. They offered me to take Azilect/Rasagiline, but one Polish doctor said that Azilect/Rasagiline does not slow progession, but help with symptoms like spasticity.
    What your doctor says about Azilect/Rasagiline?
    Thanking you in advance for answer.
    Pearshoot, good to hear from you and to know your Chinese medicine routine is doing some good. I'm finding that doctors do not communicate very well with one another or their patients. I hope to see you next month.
    I truly hope you don't leave here pearshoot.

    So what if people quibble here sometimes, that's people and that's the world at large.

    I for one would miss your posts, I always read with interest what you have to say on progression, looking after yourself, exercise etc

    My dad retired from flw in 1978. He is 100% disabled from agent orange in Viet Nam. He is dying from cancer now. My husband retired in 1999 from flw.
    I have been quietly following you and dbltree's comments. Not the norm and I share your exercise thoughts/actions. I ride an hour a day at 70% - 90% max heart rate with no ill effects. Next is looking into the DP, so any advice would be appreciated. I am not ready to go home and die, the unfortunate guidance I seem to get from the medical community.
    The only posts deleted are the overnight scammers. Apparently these are computer generated and contain gobbledygook. Sometimes there are +30. It's crazy... I did delete one thread tonight - the apology Fa10 sent. I felt he ought to be apologizing to everyone - not me. I don't like deleting anything because i believe we are all entitled to our soap box once in awhile. The natives are fine! But it has been a tough day at the office! Ha!
    Couldn't agree more, I am a patient at Hopkins but do not qualify.............

    Exclusion Criteria:

    Participants who are already performing >30 min. of endurance exercise/day for ≥ 3x/week (Borg scale-- "hard" or "somewhat hard") within 30 days of screening.
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