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    odd things I've noticed and other rantings

    Well alrighty then. PaulaB
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    odd things I've noticed and other rantings

    Yes i have diagnosed of als,,diagnosed was april 06 PaulaB
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    odd things I've noticed and other rantings

    jamie When they check my reflexes nothing moves,,so Jamie i would say brisk is good. PaulaB
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    I do have one question about atrophy...

    I would say i have dents as well as lack of muscles,,,in hands and arms anyway. If i was as talented as Al i could post some pictures. Perhaps i will try and figure out how. Does anyone know about web cams? I have built in one on new computer. PaulaB
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    Holding a Job with ALS

    your body will tell u when your done working. I had to stop right away,,i drove truck over the road. PaulaB
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    Curious about Symptoms

    pat u read my mind,,,appears to be denial in having als as well as not having als on this forum. PaulaB
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    Motorized wheelchair carriers

    van i vote van
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    need advise

    ty Thanks to all that replied. I love this group. PaulaB
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    need advise

    I have a ? OK i am not going to get feeding tube. My ? is,,,,in GODS eyes will this be looked at as suicide? Please help. PaulaB
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    CALS tiny victory

    whats dh and ds?
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    just venting

    Hi Heather, Sounds like its time for your family to get a van. Sorry about your Grandma. Take care and good luck PaulaB
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    Diagnosis of ALS

    I can only speak for my case. I think by the time i went to doc it was so obvious to him what it was,,,meaning,,it had progressed so much. I had diagnosed first visit to neruo. Hpe this helped. PaulaB
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    What would you do?

    dont leave us hanging Joel did u move? Did u get trach? Hows it going? paulab
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    Just a Question...

    I met a guy at a support group meeting that had bulbar als,,the only thing affected with him was his speech,,he had more than saliva,,it was like a water faucet he couldnt turn off,,he was wiping drool every few seconds. Not sure he it affected him eating or not. It was my first meeting i ever...
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    care giving question

    Ross the best advice i can give you is,,being a caregiver is very important and to be the best caregiver you can be you must be equaling concerned with your own well being. After all,,if your stressed out and not feeling well you will not be as good as you can be. Go talk to...