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  • pat, about Flonase, is that one squrtt in one nostril after the first few days, or one squirt in both nostrils?
    just got pharmanac. What times do you take your two doses? How does it make your bm easier, just softer or does it actually help you go? my Dr recommended Swanson nac three times a day, 600 mg. Half the price of pharmanac. Just ordered it.
    Thanks pat,I am going to do the same 1x day for now how long before ya notice relief?
    Pat- sorry for my overreation. I with think of your kindness next time someone makes a joke and maybe my sense of humor can be found again. Thank you. Normal me would have probably laughed and commented back. Accepted your friend request, i need more humor in my day.
    Hi Pat, so sorry for the delay in replying. Forgot to check my notifications! Muscle cramps were the primary reason for pain but also had hip pain from his wheel chair partial RoHo cushion until ALS rep recommend full RoHo. The muscle pain was helped some by marijuana liquid, morphine, and baclofin. None did it all.
    Much luck to you.

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