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  • I Have never heard o f swelling from the co2 buildup. but I know that my husband's feet and legs swell from non-use. I know other pals have the same swelling. I would def. find out what the doc thinks about his chest swelling... is it painful? can you change his position and maybe give him a massage? is he able to pee? is his circulation being cut off somehow?
    I have been searching for information about cases of rapidly progressing cases of ALS to compare with my husband. I was shocked at he similarities between your husband and mine; foot drop in March and initial diagnosis on the same date, straight through to being bedridden and nearly completely paralyzed.....however, Dennis' G-tube is his only source of nourishment (and medication) and he is on a ventilator.......I am shocked at how fast things have progressed, as I am sure you are......sorry to hear about your husband, and wishing you the best of luck in coping......we have already been through the pneumonia (right lung only)
    Hi patience, welcome to the forum. I just read you post and thought you might want to start posting in the Caregiver section--more people read that than the new section. You have your hands full with your husband's progression so fast--sounds like you are on the ball though. I know of one other person who's wife went from first symptom to death in less than a year. Occasionally there are pals that go fast, but it is not the norm. you will have a lot of moral support here, and lots of helpful ideas to try.
    I have never heard of a correlation with early DX and rapid progression. Most PALS die from breathing problems, or from aspiration Pnuemonia caused by swallowing problems. My husband didnt go to the doctor till 2 yrs after symptoms started, and 4 yrs AFTER he was DX, he is still here.
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