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  • Hi Nancy

    i just don't think there is any rush to acceptance. Sometimes we dont want to get to acceptance because it seems like surrender.
    Who says you have to get to acceptance. It wont change anything. You have to do whatever works to get through your new normal.
    Because this disease is always changing you will be have to go through many level of acceptance.
    Unfortunately whether we ever reach those levels or not we still have to walk through this process.
    We are all doing the best we can. I cant tell you that it gets easier, but you do learn how to navigate it as time goes on.
    Capitalize on these good days. Cherish every moment, create lots of memories and LAUGH OFTEN!!

    My mom is the 3rd in our family with ALS.

    Im in Allegheny County. Yes....lets chat anytime!!
    I really appreciated what you had to say about 'acceptance' in a post yesterday. I just cannot seem to get there and yet I know I HAVE to ... to help my husband.
    I live just north of Pittsburgh in Beaver County. If you would like to chat with a neighbor - I'm here with a willing heart.
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