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  • Hi,

    Thank you for be my friend. I am taking care of my fiance, and we are planning to get married in a week. However, my family is in oposition to that. Some of his friends also are in oposition.
    Hello Jen,
    Just passing, thought I'd stop off and ask how you're both doing?
    We are waiting on a date for Clive's tube!!
    Wishing you and Rog well...
    Mair x
    Hi Jen,
    How is Roger doing with the kidney stones? My husband and son are going to go to the Cardinal game tomorrow (Sunday). I didn't watch last night's game but heard the Atlanta fans got out of control to say the least over a call and debris was thrown everywhere. Our youngest son Eric is in Dallas visiting my dad right now. My brother/sister think currently that my dad's progression lately is at a standstill. Hopefully, it will remain that way for awhile. Have you found anything out more about yourself? Take care, Kim
    Yes, we got the result back quick and our son has hypothroidism. He has to take synthroid and go back to be rechecked in 6 months. He is really stubborn about taking the medicine. I keep on him to make sure he's taking it. My daughter is driving us completely bonkers at home. But, otherwise were okay. She keeps getting on the computer and checks her twins grades. Which is none of her business. She screams at him at the top of her lungs if he doesn't get a good grade. It's horrible. I went to their school to get her blocked from checking on him.
    Hi Jen,
    How is Roger doing with his kidney stones? Have you went to the Dr. yet about your abdomen? Maybe, it's a ulcer or hernia? You have had your share of crap that's for sure. Keep me posted on what you find out. Sending you a hug, Kim
    Hi Jen,
    So sorry to read that you have additional health worries about yourself. Surely not something you need at this time! I hope you can get it looked at soon. Thinking about you.
    Hi Jen,
    I got a call from the Dr. from Cardinal Glennan early this morning. He said the lab tests confirmed my son does have a thyroid condition. They got the results fast because they run that test on Friday's. He has to stay on Synthroid and go back in six months for a check-up. Luckily, they got to the root of his problem. Could have been something much worse wrong with him. This can at least be managed.
    Hi Jen,
    The Dr. at Cardinal Glennon wanted ran some more complicated blood tests to either rule out or confirm that he does have a thryoid problem. He said that with just the one test he wasn't ready to give him a diagnosis yet. He said the tests will be back in a week at the latest. He said depending on what it shows he will make his determination as to rather he needs treatment or not. Did you go to the game today? We made it and were sitting in Section 240 behind first base. It was a good game.
    I'm so glad that you and Roger are out traveling and so glad that he is okay after his spill. I bet the scooter has made a lot of difference and has saved him a lot of energy. I have read posts that said that the energy level is better when using the scooter. It does seem that the wear and tear will be on the spouse. You take care of yourself and enjoy your trip.
    Good to see your post this morning. I was worried about you and Roger. I didn't know if you were out of town or what but miss seeing you post. Anyway, welcome back and hope everything is okay.
    Hi Jen,
    Are you still in St. Louis? We will be there Thursday because we are taking our son Matthew to Cardinal Glennon Hospital to see a endocrinologist because we found out his has a thyroid problem. I had been begging his Dr. to run some tests due to him being way too thin for over two years. Finally, got a physician assistant to listen to me when she gave him his school physical. We might catch a Cardinal game after his appointment. Is Roger in alot of pain with the stones? Take Care, Kim
    HI Jen, just poppin in to say hello, hope you and Rog are doing he over the kidney stones yet?
    Liked looking at your holiday snaps, I want to go to Paris but
    Clive is just a home-bird! Been to see my grandkids today, great fun :)
    Happy days... Mair
    I will be praying for Roger. So sorry to hear about his stones on top of everything else. I see people come in to the ER with them and some have thrown themselves to the floor in agony. I am so sorry. Please keep us posted on how he's doing. Hugs to you, Kim
    There seems to be no peace with this disease. I'm always waiting for the other shoe to drop. I finally went to the doctor the other day and ask for something to help get me through the day. It was getting hard at work.
    Jen..I have a question about Jim. He has atrophy in his right hand and has since diagnosis. I noticed last night that he has it in his neck. It looks just like his hand. Does this mean that he is losing the muscles in his neck or getting weaker?
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