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  • Hi Pandora,

    In the end did you have ALS? I have similar palate symptoms as you. I has been going on for 6 months and I am affraid of stuff.

    Please let me know what happened to you in the end
    Hi Pandora,

    I see you're still dropping by, not posting much. I did look around for info, didn't find anything much. How about you? Have you found anything interesting? Did you ever hear back from the als assoc.?

    Wishing you luck,
    Hi Pandora 2013,

    I don't think you're a Google nut or a BFS'er. I am concerned that you are not finding answers to your problems. I wish I knew how to help.

    I am sorry that some mistook you for a 'twitcher/Googler'. Obviously, you are not one of them. You are more familiar with this site than I am. So I don't quite know what to say at this point.

    I think I do remember a few conversations on this site about the palate, but can't recall who or where. You may be able to do a 'search' here and find those.

    I hate it that you are not getting any relief or any answers. Don't go away. Keep trying. I will look around the forums and see if I can find those conversations, and get back to you.

    Take care,
    Hi Pandora2013,

    I am wondering if you have contacted the nearest als assoc. to you, yet. They should at least be able to direct you to some kind of help.

    We have a 'resident Dr.' here. Goes by 'Wright'. Click on 'community', go to 'members list', find 'Wright'. Send him a visitors message with your info, maybe he will have some answers or suggestions.

    Also, while you're Googling, look up BFS (benign fasciculation syndrome). I never spell that right. But you'll find it. One member posted that she had twitches for 20 years, not associated with als.

    No one thinks you're uneducated, obviously, you are plenty smart. I hate it that you don't have insurance. But, like I said, contact the closest als association.

    Don't just sit there and suffer. Keep talking to us, someone else will respond (more knowledgeable than I) and offer suggestions. There are many good people here with lots of experience.

    Don't give up, keep us informed.

    Hang tough,
    Hello Pandora2013,

    I have read your posts and the replies. It sounds to me like you do have a problem, but it hopefully isn't als. If it is, you will know as time goes on, because als does not take any holidays. It is aggressive and relentless.

    The best you can hope for with als is a slow progression, but even then, it doesn't ever, never go away.

    So, he best thing I can think of for you, with no insurance, etc., is to contact the local (or nearest to you) als assoc., and ask them for advice and help. There could possibly be something going on in the Bulbar region, but you need professional observation and advice.

    I realize your Google search sent you here, but most of our members are not Dr.s, only learn as we go. We do try to help in any way we can, but we get frustrated when people with twitches think they have als. (It's Google's fault)

    Anyway, try what I said. Ask them for help, they will gladly help if they can.

    Good luck,
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