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  • Good luck in your pursuit. I know what you are talking about. It's been hard at my sons fb games and at school meetings, seeing all the mom AND dads there for their kids. Sigh.
    Hope you are doing alright. How is school going? I seem to remember you were going for a nursing degree. Forgive me if my memory is off on that. Anyway, wishing you luck in whatever you are pursuing. And like everybody tells me, keep busy. LOL I hate it when they say that!
    Hi Pandora, Your post was so sad--how your in laws acted toward you is terrible. I did want to say--those beautiful names--you can still use them. One day, I hope for you that you will meet someone new and fall in love and have children with him, and as a honor to your dear Pals, you name your children those names that the two of you picked. It can happen--you never know what will happen in the future.
    I'm so sorry to hear about the treatment you received at the hands of your husbands' family. Thank goodness for the support you're receiving from your parents. It's just so hard to accept when our families disappoint us.
    You'll make a wonderful addition to the nursing profession! Check out for some advice, support, stories and cartoons. I was looking forward to returning to work after caring for my Mom for over 6 years. Unfortunately ALS had other plans for me. Now I'm teaching my daughters how to care for me.
    Good luck to you,
    Good morning I just read your post and when she didn't know that I've been in your shoes about six years ago. My husband passed away and I felt like my life had dissolved around me.

    I found a brief group at my church and began going to the weekly meetings. I also had a dear friend who called herself my "life coach". She and her husband checked on me regularly and they included me when they went out to dinner etc.. She and I played Scrabble on the Internet in the evenings. :)

    She is one of the people comes and sits with me one night a week to give my pals a night off. Find a friend who you trust and who will listen to your pain and allow you to cry and to find your own way out of your grief with her by your side. Good luck and God bless.
    Hi Pandora, Thank you for your responce to my writting. I sent reply to your message but not sure if it went . So decided to reply to you this way to . I would love to keep in touch with you as it is so difficult for me . I cry more then anything else anymore . Life stinks is my new motto now.
    My daughter lives in New Braunfels and my brother is in San Antonio,both retired from Air Force.Just wanted to say hello.--------------Hugs Ken
    So sorry you or anyone has to go through this. Its the cruelest thing I have been through with no way to fight against it. Cancer patients at least have ways to "fight" thier disease... with ALS, all the doctors can say is "sorry about your luck" and dish out pills to make them "comfortable".. if they were a horse, we would have put them out of thier misery long time ago. My heart and soul are just broken at this point.
    I'm a Texan, far removed due to USAF. But I'm sure once you've lived there for a period of time, you are a true TEXAN! LOL Sounds like you are, anyway!
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