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  • Hi Jen - thinking about you and wishing you strength for today. How's your boy? Mine's been acting up a bit lately - brought home by the police for pool hopping this week.
    Hi, Jen- Haven't seen you around for awhile, but see you have been checking in some. Just wanted to know how you are & let you know I was thinking about you. Hugs, Marianne
    Oh yea I remember the care bears. I know my avatar is one of them, but I dont know its name.....
    Hi Jen, You know, I tried doing the whole friendship thing with you about a month ago, and now realize I sent it to the wrong person! I love your posts!........Hugs, Kari
    Like my wife, being diagnosed in her early thirties; ALS was certainly not expected. It is familial in her case. We had up until that point, not known of its occurance previous to her diagnosis. Then her father two weeks later. As I look back, early after her diagnosis we had so many questions, not knowing what to expect. If there are any questions for me as a caregiver or for my wife Beth please just let us know. she is programming her new communication device however for now i can type for her. We will keep you guys in our hearts and prayers. I'm not real good at navigating through these forums but will do my best to keep up. Until next time.
    Sincerely the Durlins
    What a sweet family you have. How are they dealing with this? It is very hard on my kids but they seem to hold me up... Thinking of you today... Hugs, L
    You are way too young to be going through this. I am so sorry. It just breaks my heart. Love you honey, L
    morning, Yes, more pictures would be great??/ I have to have my daughters do all that kind of stuff for me??? LOL Good to hear from you. I think I will start a new thread just for Great Soup resipes??? Thanks and yes i want all the good resipes you Have a good day tody, hugs, linda
    Well, it is snowing real hard again. It is so pretty but I am getting very tired of it. Will be good for the water problems in the summer...... How is your day going. I was at a dinner last evening. Then up late and then siept in. Oh well,I guess that is ok?? Soup again for lunch. I am going to get some different soup recipes....... How old are your Children??? Is your avatar a picture of you and your 2 children?? Cute family.... Hugs, L
    Hi, yes I am... I need to get to sleep so I will be awake and perky for the hocky game... Want to see us beat It will be a real good game .. I have my soup in the crock pot ... getting ready for Why are u up so late?? i just can't sleep... Hgs, me
    Our next appt is on Mar 1. Still navigating through the out of network insurance nonsense. Went to see her family doc yesterday. When he understood what we meant by saying she was diagnosed with a "motor neuron" disease his eyes saddened. My Mom just sat there peacefully taking in the environment but not really listening. She's confident in what my sister and I will do for her so she doesn't worry too much about the details. He scratched her legs and hands and asked if she felt any sensation and she said yes. He checked her hands and asked if she had strength in them and she said they were weak and she keeps dropping things. The first neuro wanted an MRI but she can't lay on her back and the doctor doesn't want her sedated because he literally said she might not wake up. At this moment we are juggling the family practitioner, the spinal surgeon, the rehab/phy therapy doc, and the new neuro.
    Hi, You are such a dear.. I wish we could all meet and have a wonderful lunch together. I have found so many wonderful friends on here. This is the best part of this whole thing. Meeting such great people.... Lots of good come from bad things... I have had some of the best experiences while taking this journey... big hugs to you today. We will dance and eat and talk again. I believe we will all meet again someday!! .. Linda
    Hey, Thank you for writing. I was finally diagnosed on 1/7/10. I am on Rilutek and closing my business. My doctor said I need to get all the stress out of my life. HAHA! Your granddaughter is so cute. I have a married daughter but no grandbabies yet. Please keep in touch. How do I get on your friend list? I am really new to this.
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