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  • Again, I believe it is a big mistake to try to estimate a price for Radicava. Not a single person knows, including the CEO.
    They have not arranged a "production site" yet; so the cost cannot be estimated. However, the hospital and doctor cost of administering a bone marrow aspiration plus three spinal injections cannot be more than $10K-$15K in the US, and likely to be much cheaper in Europe.
    Please make sure if and when NurOwn becomes available; to research which EU program provides financial support; I am sure there will be more than one.
    thanks oya. i heard everythink that i should and that i should have not. i d0nt think that i will follow nurown anymore. it is for special kind of people obviously... good luck!
    i just sent little longer post, so i'm waitting on admins approval. can you give me hint/keywords to find where chaim lebovits stated as you said?
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