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  • Hey you! How are things... Please do not feel intimidated by the forum... Not of us always know exactly what to say but you can't go wrong by offering a little compassion and support like you have been doing. You are doing fine!
    Best wishes.

    The dates of progression of ALS are etched in my mind like stone.

    If there are any specific questions you would like answered, I gladly will try.
    Hey hey! It is nice to meet you...really sorry about your dx. i see ottawa girl got in touch with you too. Awesome! She is a wonderful person. Just wanted to say that you can count on me too, to lean on for support :)
    Hello. My number should read 05042012. @ 3:30. It's etched in our mind. The news was delivered ever so gently by Dr. Bourque. He is the most compassionate doctor I've ever met. I did post on your thread... But it was sent to moderation. It will show up eventually. Member " cricket" is also from Ottawa and we've met and keep in touch. She's lovely. Anyway, I'm here if you need to vent. In a saf place.
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