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  • Hi, Old Dog. When I saw you're in Scio, I just had to write. My uncle Roy Ricks farmed 10 acres of mint near Scio 50-60 years ago. Another uncle had Ricks Garage in the big city of Jefferson back then. Family visits to that area were always a thrill to me as a young boy.

    I have bulbar onset, so follow your posts with interest.

    Hi, Kim. Glad to hear your dad got into a trial--hope his progression continues to stay at a standstill.

    I survived radiation treatment very well. I didn't have any serious side effects at all, and it didn't seem to affect the PLS. My son actually felt I got stronger just from having to get ready and get out of the house every day.

    Spring seems to be coming early to the Oregon Willamette Valley. The daffodils are nearly through blooming already.

    Since completing radiation, I've been very busy with bookwork. First, getting the books done for the small business I work for and then wrestling with my personal stuff for the tax man.

    Hope things continue to go as smoothly as possible for you and your dad.
    Hi! How are you getting along? We finally are getting a little warmer weather here in Central Illinois but the rain can stop anytime. My dad is doing pretty decent considering having this dreadful disease. He is in the clinical trial of the drug acthar (sp?). He has no bad side affects from it. He's not sure if it's helping him or not. But, he hasn't really progressed any since being on it. Take care, Kim
    Hi ! I just saw your message and am sorry you have to go through all that. You've been through enough already. My mother had breast cancer and then later she got colon cancer. They started at two different sites and one was unrelated to the other. Her breast cancer was stage 2 when they found it and the colon cancer was at a Stage 4 when she found out a year after that. I will pray for you. You did post on your own visitor wall and not on mine but I just happened to stop by and see it. I'll be thinking of you. Kim
    skipper66 - Thanks for the message. I'm not sure I'm doing this correctly to get a PM to you. I haven't been on the forum for a month--have been busy dealing with breast cancer. I found a lump in late June which was diagnosed as invasive lobular carcinoma. This turned out to be a slightly unusual type of cancer which does not show up well on mammograms but, fortunately, is not terribly agressive. After three outpatient surgeries to remove the lump, ( much larger than anticipated)I am now undergoing radiation treatment. After two weeks of the scheduled six weeks, it seems to be going well with few side effects. I'm a lab rat--no one seems to know how or if the radiation will affect my PLS.

    Hope something works out for you to make it to Texas for Christmas! Old Dog, alias Kay
    I thought I'd stop by and say Hi! I can't believe it's going to be Thanksgiving already next week. I am kind of down about it since it will be the first in a long time that I won't be having Thanksgiving or Christmas with my dad since he's now living in Texas. If it works out I'm hoping to visit him the first week in January. I wish it didn't cost so much to fly. I don't like to drive hardly at all and twelve hours is way too much for me. Take care, Kim
    Thanks for the helpful suggestion! I've thought about seeking a referral for OHSU or perhaps the ALS clinic at Providence. It would be nice to get a full work-up from folks who see these kinds of neuro-muscular issues on a frequent basis. Right now my neuro has me on the wait-and-see plan. I'm fine with it for now. Kind of a break from doctor appointments and stress, but it's still tough to think I'm nowhere close to answers yet. Thanks again.
    Hi Old Dog. My progression has been very slow since my diagnosis in 2000. Although moderately impacted I can still speak, eat and have only slight arm weakness. My legs on the the other hand are pretty much gone. Because of this, my neurologist had me re-tested by EMG and he found there was little or no lower motor neuron involvement, the hallmark of true ALS. As a result, he feels I have PLS.

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