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  • Not a symptom of ALS directly; maybe more like a side effect of what is happening? Who knows; and certainly all neuros don't agree with each other. Know wonder we're confused! LOL
    Hi, Okie- I posted on your bowel thread but it went to moderation. My husband has this problem & in essence our neuro said he feels it is a "sub-symptom" (my word, not his). Fun, huh? lol
    Yes I hate it when the phone rings. I have three dogs that bark at things like the mailman putting mail in our box, stuff like that. It is really funny how many things make me jump.
    Hi Punkin! How are you doing? Loved your "heightened alertness" comment. It's weird isn't it?
    Thank you so much. Had a full weekend with some of wife's family, and my family. Ate, drank and laugh and cried. Have my 12yr old granddaughter staying here for spring break. Having bathroom remodeled to get roll in shower fixed up. Never a dull moment. Hope all is well with you?
    Hi Okie dear! Just thinking of you and wishing you well. Heck, i'm wishing us all well! Hugs to you!
    Hi, I put short story of journey on Come for Tea if ya want to check it out. Hope you are doing well. Have a great day!...{{{{{HUGD}}}}
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