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  • Hi oblidioblida,

    I would expect that it will not take all day. If you are seeing a Neuro, he will do his observations on you, looking for muscle weakness, signs of Babinski, reflexes, look for fasciculations, etc., all painless.
    If he sees those fasics, he will probably order an emg test. The thing is, to rule out....or to rule in als, this test MUST be done. To be diagnosed with als, you basically have to eliminate everything else. But the emg is the 'holy grail' of determining whether or not it is als. So there you have it, as much as I can tell you.
    As far as the co-pay, I guess that depends on your policy. Ours wasn't too much....I think it was $35..?

    I wish you good luck, and I hope they find that you do NOT have als! The thing to remember is this. If it does turn out to be als, do not freak totally out. You will naturally go through a period of 'devastation', but in time, you will realize that there is life after diagnosis.

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