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  • Hi Nour,
    Sorry to hear of your symptoms.
    I'm the same age and have similar symptoms, so you are not alone.
    How have you been progressing the past month? Any updates or further neurologist appoinemts ?
    Hi Mike,
    I haven't got the emg yet .. I am having more generalized fasiculations .. Jaws and throat muscles are getting weaker.Thenar muscle seems atrophied .I don't know if this is split hand sign ;I have to wait and see .Sorry to know you have similar symptoms.Have you taken any medicine before the onset of your symptoms?
    Hi Nour,

    Sorry to hear things aren't getting much better.

    Presenting symptoms are similar, but in terms of any medication setting it off, I cannot recall. I was taking something for a staph infection, but my doctor's don't think its related.

    Good luck with your EMG, hopefully everything starts settling down for you soon
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