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  • Going the 2nd or 3rd. Don't remember off hand which day exactly. But yeah hopefully you'll like him. It sucks for me because I'm actually outside of Orlando (Melbourne), and USF is like a 2-3 drive hour depending on traffic. But it's worth it.
    I'll look into him. Thank you for the information. Also I go back to see Dr. Vu during the first week of May. I think he's waiting on my spinal tab results.
    Brenton--go see Dr. Rosenberg. He's local--and has a very good rep with MS. Your symptoms (I went back and read your posts) sound a LOT like MS. Get a copy of the MRI report on your brain, too. Read it yourself.
    I think you just responded / bump my thread, but my post is what essentially sent me there. He (Dr. Vu) did not preform any test other than his clinical exam. I've seen two Neuro's before him, one was an absolute quack, while the other has been very nice and very thorough. I would say Dr. Vu is very nice, but not necessarily as thorough as my other Neurologist. Then agian, I'm only 24, and only dealing with a few issues. Most doctors tend to be pretty dismissive in my case, and I understand that.

    Ultimately I would recommend him in a heartbeat. He's -very- intelligent (suppose you would have to be as the director of Neurology), and also specializes in ALS / MND. Likewise the facility itself is beautiful. Morasai Center I believe is what it was called. Something to that effect.
    I saw Dr. Vu. He was a nice man. Kinda quiet, but seemed to have a caring demeanor. His exam wasn't exactly thorough, but he did answer all of my questions. Then again, I'm 24 years old, so I've kinda become accustomed to being brushed off for most things (MS, MND etc) simply due to my age.
    Hey Notme, I live near the Orlando area too, and am going through the diagnostic process as well. Leaning towards MS at this point, but honestly they're not really sure. Anyway, I was hoping that if you end up finding a good Neuro or Specialist, to please let me know. So far I've only been to the University of South Florida, and while the doctor was very nice, it wasn't as thorough as I hoped it would be. At least no more than my initial - local Neurologist' exam. Particularly due to the cost! Anyway best of luck to you, be strong. I know I'm trying to be.

    I've caught a few of your most recent posts, and wanted to wish you luck with your upcoming appointment. One thing I did want to add, is to try not to make too many drastic decisions right away, regardless of what your diagnosis is, or how long it takes to get it. Make sure to read any fine print, and consider having a professional review the wording of any life insurance policies (for example) sometimes the exclusions are very cleverly hidden. And, cutting your hair is actually, IMHO, drastic as well. We, as women, do tend to have much of who we are, expressed by such choices as continuing to wear our hair long as the years go by. You don't want to find yourself mourning the loss of that, too.

    Good luck to you, I hope you get some good answers soon.
    Just thought I would say, that I was naive once, when I first starting hanging out here. You will soon see a very interesting pattern of the over anxious. Just watch for it. Goes like this. with symptoms.........start adding erroneous symptoms......get advice.......go to dr.........completely disbelieve everything the doctor says...........add more symptoms...........go to another dr..........get the all clear again...........come back still not believing either the dr or the advice. :)
    It's always the same. These people need heaps of support and sometimes tough love for them to get the psychological help they need. It's really sad :(
    Great to have you onboard. Hope your insurance company sorts themselves out and helps. Aly
    Thanks, lydia

    I'm a tad more sensitive lately. This last year has taught me that I had no clue what 'weakness' and 'exhaustion' were until now. Many here have a LOT more reason to whine than I do, though. I'm just feeling sorry for myself--I don't know what my ultimate diagnosis will be--but just feeling like this and having my body failing on me has given me a LOT more empathy for what the ALS people here are going through.
    Hi Notme, I just wanted to say hello and wish you strength. The frustration with your insurance company on top of all these worries must be sending you through the roof with anxiety and anger. You will find a lot of support here; don't worry about the complaining that briefly appeared on your thread. It wasn't directed at you, or in response to your posts, and I am sorry it seemed that way.
    Liz, i've worked in the medical field for 30 years in one form or another. Unfortunately, the problems I'm having currently with muscle wasting aren't within the realm of my knowledge base
    Meli-Yes, they told me the MRI was fine--but the report shows many problems. And yes, MS, MG and fibro can all cause twitching, as can BFS
    Also to add:
    "It sounds like they did a pretty thorough exam. But I do have one suggestion. Pick up copies of all reports. Years ago my "Normal" MRI when I got the report myself showed a ruptured L5 disc"

    Do you mean it said you had a ruptured disk on your report but the DR told you the MRI was normal?
    What do I need to get, the actual written report, or the physical record of the diagnostic procedure (films, mri, emg recording?)
    Thanks for reading my post and your input. I was wondering, does MS, MG, or Fibro cause twitching all over the body?
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