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  • My GP informed me that I need to be reviewed as she feels this is neurological related. I have a lot of pain and stiffness in the L leg which has now effected the way I walk. My symptoms are getting worse, my balance is also effected now. Who knows what is going on...only time will tell.
    Oh now don't be that way Patty Pie! You know I love you. Traveling just wears me out. I slept til 10:45 this morning and I'm still worn out! And we need to watch our pennies too. xoxoxo
    Hi notme,

    Hope you are doing well today. Wanted to ask you whether or not atrophy causes pain?? I was told yesterday that my L outer calf has some wasting & that I need to see the neuro again. I've been having a lot of pain in my L leg especially the outer side for about 2mths. My lumbar MRI was clear, so no pinched nerve. The fasics are almost constant in my L calf, under foot area.

    Faith x
    Hi patty,just popped in to see if your ok....been thinking of you (((hugs)))caroline
    just something, is it true that in early stages of als the limb and bulbar don't become affected at the same time?
    i wish it be're right,I didn't tell anyone except my girl friend because i tought she loved me and would help me...but she just leaved me :(
    so do you think a sychosomatic process can cause my condition or it can be bfs?
    my girl friend leaved me 2 or 3 days ago because she also thinks i'm crazy,and now im really getting crazy :D
    in addition,you are one of the best people I have ever seen,whether i recover or not I'll never forget you and praying for you...
    they say it's a sychosomatic disease because they say that my symptoms started exactly after entering university,and they just see the fasciculations not anything else,they don't see my weak right leg,they don't see my swalowing difficulty and when I tell them my swalowing issues they say it's impossible to have both leg and throat issues in the first stages of als...they just laugh at me and think i'm crazy
    i'm just scared that my leg weakness become a clinical weakness in the future
    ;) I doubt that we'll be heading that way but you never know. I usually travel to either Texas or Michigan since that's where my family lives. The Texas crew wants me to move there permanently but we're not ready to do that yet. One of these days I will. Brad can't do this by himself.
    hi dear
    I'm vahidb93, your responses really helped me,but I'm just getting worse, my right leg is weak, and I have throat issues, I have wasted muscles in my right calf
    I was reading the thread "swaying towrad als" and there a person named here4her said some scaring things, I think I am one of those who are diagnosed very late
    I need your help
    I been to 6 neuros and two clean emg s, none of them think I have als but I think they soon accept that its als
    Nope, still home. We're not going until Tuesday around 1:00. It should be a blast! I wish you could be there too Sweets! Yeah, it's been quite awhile since we've talked. We've been pretty busy. I'm going to Texas for a month in late April just to give brad and I a break from all this.
    Hi Patty! Just a flyby to say hello and that I'm thinking of you. Love and hugs to you!!
    Sweetie,don't upset yourself you belong here with us and with having umn issues you soooo qualify to post on the pls forum...........hell,you can post anywhere you like and what ever you like........within reason lol,as long as its nice things about me lol.
    I understand your problems,some people dont but thats no exscuse to take a dig at you.
    Whats one comment in hundreds,hundreds from people here who care and want you.
    ((((HUGS))))caroline xxx
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