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    HI Stu, Thank You soooo Very much! Blessings do come to those who wait. Bless you all that help...

    HI Stu, Thank You soooo Very much! Blessings do come to those who wait. Bless you all that help so many. ((((HUGS)))).
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    My Mom...My Heart

    So sorry Patty, Prayers for you and the family for Peace and Comfort!
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    Happy Birthday Kenwood!...:-)

    Happy Birthday Kenwood!...:-)
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    deanna protocol scam

    I am thinking if it were true the news would be spreading like wildfire in our community. Just my thoughts.
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    Airline travel

    Thank you so much Rose! ((HUG))
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    Come for Tea

    Aloha Jim. nice to see you! You are awesome, thanks for helping Eddie from your heart!
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    Glen's Brithday

    Happy Birthday Glen! I hope you can hear us and Big ((HUGS)) to you Wanda!
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    Airline travel

    Thank you Sadiemae. I talked with my son and he can get a motorcycle trailer from my sis husband that can work. I probably will fly into Sacramento as I can fly for free on my miles and it gets in at 11:00pm. Spend my money on extra luggage as I am bringing what I can. But I definately will let...
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    Airline travel

    Thanks Jen! Happy Turkey Day!
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    Come for Tea

    Happy Thanksgiving ALL my Warriors!
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    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Have a very Happy Thanksgiving EVERYBODY!
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    Airline travel

    Thank you, I worry about you leaving hubby so long Sadiemae. I will pm Rose and see if she can help on airline travel info. ((((Hugs)))
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    Airline travel

    Thank you both sooo very much. Sadiemae Sac is so far away from you, and the snow thing could be a problem, you never know with it, I will let you know, you are so sweet and ever so kind. Thanks Panguinjen for checking on that for me. I am not sure if it will be Sac or Reno yet, depends on alot...
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    Airline travel

    I have a couple questions about airline travel with PWC. Anyone have any info for me? Like layovers, do the bring your chair back to you then sto it again? Anything I should know. Next obsticle is getting from airport to destination any suggestions?Thanks :-)
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    Thanks everybody, I find I cant go in to many directions at once. But I am going to try and get things in order so I have more time to spend with all my warriors here! Love You All!.........(((((((((HUGS)))))))))