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    talk to me about after market add-ons for my PWC

    a nice set of curb feelers are always a nice addition if you are able to afford them a set of spinners are the shizznit ...
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    please help

    I used to have that problem. If I would lay on my side it felt like someone was driving an ice pick in my hip joint. Bright side is that it went away suddenly and hasn't returned. While it was happening I was taking percocet and morphine but I have a super high tolerance. Anyway I hope you...
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    The frustration of conversing as a mute

    I have the problem with talking with the tobii too. My solution is to talk and make the conversations come back to me. My other problem is that my wife will rattle off five questions at me, and my solution is to answer with yes, no, I don't know, yes, no and force her to recall what she asked...
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    Review: three months on a High(er) Dose of Cannabis (HDC)

    I am amazed by how many people are not aware of it. Sad to see the stigma associated with it prevents people from even considering it!
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    Review: three months on a High(er) Dose of Cannabis (HDC)

    Tickled to death for you Jethro. I have been taking my mmj twice a day I will split it up further. Although to be honest the psychoactive part doesn't bother me, who knew that being a stoner all through high school would pay off some day...
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    ALS and spousal or partner relationships

    You nailed it Kristina.! Now throw technology into the mix and what I call "death by pillows" and you can imagine the frustration... And like your father she means well and it is done out of love, which can't decide if that makes it worse or better..
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    ALS and spousal or partner relationships

    No, it's actually pretty rare, but it happens enough to piss me off...
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    ALS and spousal or partner relationships

    I was always considered a pretty bright guy whose opinion was sought-after and valued. Now I am a f$€#@§% idiot whose every decision must be vetted and fought for.
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    What I have learned, so far...

    This was a contributing factor in my getting a trach. I am simply removing myself from life support. I have indicated to those around me that I am to be given an obscene amounts of morphine and once I have entered the appropriate state they can Disconnect the ventilator.
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    How I met and became friends with Ronnie Hawkins

    Very cool! I loved the last waltz! You can tell from the movie he was a decent regular down home type of guy.
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    G-tube change.

    That was my experience. I went with the mic-key because the low profile makes it less likely to catch on things and it is more aesthetic. My wife changes mine out every 3 months Edit: the removal of the initial dangler hurt like hell. There is button on the back of the dangler ( inside your...
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    Fishing: free one-handed fly tying and casting aids

    There are also hunting aids. I got a bite actuator that let's me "pull" a trigger. I can go shooting with the aid of arm and hand braces. They also have devices that hold a firearm and even let you aim using your smartphone. Edit: these are not free, in fact they are quite pricey.
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    Overwhelmed .. need some advice/help!

    I'm in the same boat as Al. The mmj helps me immensely. I would also say take Vincents advice and buy the gaming eye gaze from tobii and use the windows 10 eye gaze. Lots cheaper than a tobii i+ series. I have bought 2 one for a backup and to see if I can get a dual monitor to work.
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    Some days life just sucks

    Thanks everyone! Yes, it was a huge loss. He was always happy. He was a foreclosure rescue. Hard as it is to believe he was abused by the father of the family that owned him. The father had this little mutt and the wife surprised him with Chance and the jerk took it out on Chance! They kept...
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    Some days life just sucks

    Bitch of a day, Chance, our big sweet boy died this morning. I was with him and he never woke up and didn't even have the spasms that normally occur when they die. We had him on gabapentine, I read that it was a very effective pain killer for dogs. He spent his last weeks pain-free and happy...